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Bitcoin Independence Day

Today November 16, 2017, marks the Bitcoin Independence Day. Bitcoin was created by the New York Agreement (NYA) in collaboration with community members. The major part of the company was the result of the consensus with the community. The NYA signers’ name falls under

Most of exchanges listed the token for the future; therefore hundreds of thousands of B2X transactions occurred daily. An announcement made by signers on November 16, 2017, supported the NYA. The dismissal of the existence of B2X caused loses to investor of around 90 percent of their investment in minutes.

Where are the promises of the company? Where is the credit? Who will pay for the losses incurred by B2X investors? As the Bitcoin New York team: bitcoinnewyork.org, we aspire to continue with the B2X project to provide financial protection to investors.
B2X investors are blameless thus their protection will entail certain conditions. We will allow a B2X user to decide the success or end of Bitcoin 2X by focusing on:

1. Changing mining algo to GPU mining. Dynamic Difficulty Adjusted (DDA) every block.
2. 2M+SW.
3. Adding a two-way replay attack protection.
4. No premine.
5. Fork height: 494784.
6. Hiring developer volunteers (all to be paid by Bitcoin BTC2 bounty).

The Fork Steps

1. The 494784 block height has reached, the BitcoinX team took snapshot blocks. In regards to exchanges, the wallets take internal snapshots.
2. We have deployed the main networks. The nework is stable and performs as expected.

Thanks a lot to BitcoinCore team. They finished a lot tasks, committed with mining and completed replay attack protection code, which helps BitcoinX team to finish Bitcoin Segwit 2M in shortest time.

Today being an Independence Day, the journey has started. B2X is back in Bitcoin 2X investors’ hands. Only you have the right to decide the success or end of Bitcoin 2X.

Big news! Bitcoin NewYork team Segwit 2X internal test neworks online.

Supported Exchanges



HuobiPro China
OKEX Hong Kong
Bitfinex Hong Kong
HitBTC United Kingdom

Former Company Advisors

Name Location
1Hash China
ANX Hong Kong
Bitex Argentina
BitPesa Kenya
Bloq United States
BTCC China
Circle United States
Decentral Canada
Filament United States
Grayscale Investments United States
OBI United States
Unocoin India
Vaultoro United States
ViaBTC China
Xapo United States

About Us

Independence Day!

Few all NYA signers betrayed the b2x investors. No any warning. Lost 90% investment in mins. We must continue B2X.


Decentralization helps to protect the Bitcoin NewYork Agreement (NYA) 2M+Segwit!


The new Bitcoin NewYork Team is building up with critical focus areas being:
1. Changing mining algo to GPU mining: ProgPOW.
2. 2M+SW.
3. Adding a two-way replay attack protection.
4. No premine.



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